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christine drummond

Contemporary artist Christine Drummond was born and raised in Brazil. She received her formative education at the French Lycee in Rio and sees herself a real “carioca”, which means a person born and raised in Rio de Janeiro.
Carioca enjoy life, have faith in their future and are true optimists. These are some of the feelings Christine wishes to bring to people through her paintings.
Christine creates her artworks in a somewhat unconventional way. She’s put down the brushes and works exclusively with a palette knife. Using it, made her find a sense of freedom: she loves how, with the bold strokes of her palette knife, she creates textures that bring her shapes and colors to life on her canvas.

From New York to Sydney, Sao Paulo to Monte Carlo, Christine has garnered much deserved recognition from the art world.

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christine  drummond paradise
90 x 90 cm
christine  drummond samba no p
samba no pé
70 x 70 cm
christine  drummond color buzz
color buzz
90 x 60 cm
christine  drummond feira livre
feira livre
75 x 75 cm
christine  drummond market buzz
market buzz
60 x 90 cm
christine  drummond colors of hope
colors of hope
75 x 75 cm
christine  drummond favela arte
favela arte
75 x 75 cm
christine  drummond nighttime mosaic
nighttime mosaic
110 x 70 cm
christine  drummond noite illuminada
noite illuminada
70 x 120 cm
christine  drummond raio de sol
raio de sol
90 x 45 cm
christine  drummond surfe no Pontal
surfe no Pontal
45 x 90 cm

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